Beware of the Robot Revoluton


Beware of the Robot Revoluton: The Pessimistic Attorney’s Guide to Avoiding AI and Embracing Human Error and Inefficiency

In the ever-changing landscape of the legal profession, it is important to recognize the enduring value of established practices. This article serves as insight on how to maintain traditionalism amidst the rise of Artificial Intelligence in our field.

Embrace the Timeless Craft of Personalized letters and emails:

In a world increasingly dominated by digital processes that prepare documents in light speed there is a certain allure in preserving the art of professionally rewriting an email four times to ensure that your frustration is properly expressed to your adversary. The meticulous process of personally crafting each sentence, carefully selecting words to express your thoughts and intentions may be compromised by using AI products and services. Further, the efficiency of the AI service will cost your client a .2 of an hour instead of a .4 leaving you with an unnecessary amount of time to work on another file.

Reconnect with the Wisdom of Legal Research:

While technology offers convenience, there is merit in embracing the physicality of research. The hands-on process of book research, or using legal research platforms, allows attorneys to read on average 3-5 cases and shepardize to confirm they have successfully selected the appropriate rule to which their facts will be applied. This allows the attorney to deeply engage with the law, apply critical thinking skills, and gain a thorough understanding of the legal landscape, way beyond their intended search. While AI promotes the ability to summarize, organize, locate and categorize, these extra steps performed by the attorney develop fortitude and DISPLAY a commitment to excellence.

Cultivate a Mindful Approach to Efficiency:

While AI champions efficiency, let us cultivate a mindful approach that prioritizes quality over speed. If we do not exercise our minds by reviewing extraordinary amounts of pages of every file personally, taking the time to analyze and reflect on each line of a medical record or contract, ensuring thoroughness and attention to detail, have we truly lawyered?? Resist the pressure to streamline every process, and embrace the human capacity for critical thinking, intuition, and the inclination towards exertion. Remember that in the pursuit of justice, it is often the journey that matters as much as the destination.

Embrace the Learning Opportunities in Human Error:

Though AI boasts accuracy, let us recognize that human error is an inherent part of our profession. Embrace the lessons learned from mistakes, using them as opportunities for growth and improvement. Recognize that the complexities of law require the discernment and adaptability that only human minds can provide.

While we approach AI in the legal industry with a hint of skepticism and a dash of satire, it’s important to remember that technology, when used responsibly, can enhance our profession. Let’s embrace the robot revolution with a sense of humor, while also staying vigilant about the potential risks and ethical considerations. Some may even argue that our professional identity and commitment to delivering exceptional legal services is based on our ability to remain flexible. Even in the world of AI, human judgment, empathy, true wisdom, legal knowledge, and our knack for the dramatic will always be essential to the practice of law. So, let’s keep calm, adjust to the new trend, and show the robots who’s really the boss in the courtroom!

*The concept, introduction and conclusion are all the author’s 100% original work. The title and headings and about 50-60% of the body was created by generative AI and edited/ fleshed out by the author and the final product was edited by a human/the Editor in Chief of the WLIB Newsletter.

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