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Gayle D. Hargrove

Gayle D. Hargrove Recipient of the WLIB Lifetime Achievement Award By Kelly Castor, Esq. On Jun 20, 2023, at the joint WLIB and BCBA Diversity in the Profession Award Dinner, Gayle Denise Hargrove was presented with the Women Lawyers in Bergen Lifetime Achievement Award. Gayle is the first ever recipient of this award. For the [...]

America’s Historic Triangle in Virginia

Weekend Getaways by Amy S. Maclsaac, Esq. It was the dog days of August with only a few weeks left before school started so my family and I headed to America’s Historic Triangle in Virginia – Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. The trip is a 6-7 hour drive down I-95, depending on how many pit [...]


By: Carmela L. Novi, Esq. For your information, helpful websites: www.njleg.state.nj.us/ the New Jersey Legislature’s site; enables you to find bills by subject and track where any proposed bill is in the process. www.judiciary.state.nj.us/ the New Jersey judiciary site; includes a legislative news site that lists new laws by subject (e.g., family, criminal), bills on […]

Linda F. Spiegel, Esq

Linda F. Spiegel, Esq. is a graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University and the Boston University School of Law. She is a Past President of Women Lawyers in Bergen County (WLIB), a past Trustee of the Bergen County Bar Association (BCBA), is Editor-in-Chief of the WLIB Newsletter and Editor of the NJAPM (New Jersey Association […]

Recipes for a Home Luau

By: Kathleen A. Hart, Esq.. This summer simply went by and I am sad to say, we did not dine out much. Likely a combination of the weather, vacation and my husband’s broken foot. Long story, moral is don’t kick a car while wearing crocs as it does not end well. However, I did manage to put together a small sixtieth birthday for the big guy for a few friends and family. Here are some of the recipes I served, and I hope you enjoy!

Fahrenheit 451 book review

Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury Hello Book Lovers! Summer is always a time for me to read LOTS of books. I have read many over these warm, somewhat lazy days. My favorite time to read is on the beach with my toes in the sand. So the question was what to review for you this […]

We Welcome the Honorable Julie Lee Kim

Bergen County Welcomes the Honorable Julie Lee Kim, J.S.C. to the Family Division By: Evelyn F. Nissirios, Esq. I recently had the honor and privilege of interviewing the Honorable Julie Lee Kim, J.S.C., our newest female Judge appointed to the Bergen County Superior Court Family Division on June 26, 2023. While Bergen County has over […]


I am once again writing my message to the Women Lawyers in Bergen members and readership. I am wondering who is actually reading this? I rarely get a comment on my President’s Message and wonder if anyone is reading this Newsletter? This Newsletter is a beautiful work of art. It is an organized, quarterly report […]

Book Review: Beach Road

Beach Road, a road peppered with mansions in East Hampton, is the epitome of the haves and have nots. The wealthy who travel to the Hamptons on weekends and holidays, and those that take care of the homes and properties throughout the year. One such home, owned by the movie star, T. Smitty Wilson, had [...]

President’s Message, Summer 2023

WLIB has proven to be a wonderful source of information and activism on the issue of diversity. On June 7th, WLIB sponsored a stimulating CLE organized and moderated by WLIB Treasurer Sheila O’Shea. The CLE was held at Fresh and Fancy Farms (our favorite place) and the topic was Diversity in the Profession. The panelists […]

Book Review: A Column of Fire

If you have the time, I highly recommend reading this historical novel by Ken Follett. As you know from my prior reviews, I do not gravitate toward historical novels, but they sometimes fall in my lap and I find them interesting and worthy of my precious free time. This novel, and others by Follett, are […]

President’s Message, Spring 2023

As I am concluding my first year of presidency of WLIB I feel a sense of accomplishment of one of my goals – camaraderie among members. Since COVID forced us into a virtual world, WLIB had become distant and fragmented because of the need to basically resort to virtual events instead of in-person events. Since […]