Condolences to Judge Esther Salas

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WLIB stands in solidarity with United States District Court Judge Esther Salas and her family, in light of the recent tragedy that took her son’s life and critically wounded her husband. Our thoughts and prayers are with Judge Salas during this difficult time. We wish her husband a speedy recovery and will remain vigilant in supporting the judiciary, women’s rights issues and our legal community.

WLIB stands shoulder to shoulder with our colleagues who have broken the glass ceiling and ascended to the bench.  These women are reasoned and informed jurists who take pride in ensuring a fair and just court system for all those who come before them.  The female members of the judiciary are role models for young women who aspire to excel in all types of careers.  WLIB is proud to support all members of our judiciary as they uphold their oath to faithfully and impartially administer justice without fear of reprisal and with independent judgment.